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Review of Imbolg in Poetry Ireland Review

Many thanks to Richard Hayes for his review of Imbolg in Poetry Ireland Review Issue 134, Autumn 2021. Here's an excerpt:

Máighréad Medbh's impressive, impressionistic Imbolg is by far the most innovative book of those under review . . . Imbolg is elusive and defies easy summary . . . there is a curious unmooring from self in Medbh's poems . . . ; one aspect that is compelling about the book is its attempt to reimagine the personal lyric. The 'she' in 'Before,' for instance, is not a proxy for the author, and yet neither is she an impersonation or a character in a drama; this is not a poetry of self-revelation . . .

The rejection of limitation in favour of pure instinct is a distinctly Romantic notion, and there is something Romantic about Medbh's confident willingness to let the poetry take her where it takes her and to trust that fidelity to the time and the place will be revelatory, as it repeatedly is . . . The book's strange vitality derives from the attentiveness of the poet to the shifting nature of experience. 


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