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These novels have not yet been published, though I am actively seeking publication. Sample chapters are provided. All interest gratefully considered!

Lucy and the Worry Wind, Volume One of The Jimmy Meridian Story

© Máighréad Medbh

Children's / Fantasy

We create another world with our thoughts. The Thought World is populated by ‘geniuses’, people hatched from our thoughts, and we are in continued co-dependence. Eleven-year-old Lucy Scales discovers this, and finds a life-changing friend in an extraordinary genius called Jimmy Meridian, a human who was transformed into pure thought and is now a ‘raptive’ in the Thought World, Tetra Cluster. Read more...

The Body Coat

© Máighréad Medbh

Adult Novel, Fantasy-realist

This novel explores the consciousness of a young woman while she attempts to redeem herself from the pain and stigma of her abusive past. Set in Ireland of the 1990s, a time of economic recession and social change, the story juxtaposes old beliefs with 'New Age' philosophies, rural traditions with urban development, harsh personal issues with psychic explorations. The notion of the changeling is central, but is brought into a real, modern world. Read more...

The Coalblack Sea

© Máighréad Medbh

Adult Novel

Set in Dublin, Ireland, The Coal-black Sea is a journey in the mind of a complex, self-obsessed and, betimes, violent woman called Joan Fey. We meet her first as an irritable and somewhat abusive mother, and after the situation reaches crisis, we are taken on a retrospective trip to her first days in 1970s Dublin, when she arrived from her rural home in hope of liberation. Erratic moods, intellectual yearnings, confused sexuality and delusions conflate in this reclusive and inflammable character. The result is murder, abandonment and perverse love. Finally, the question is a philosophical one—that of culpability. How much are we to blame for our actions? Can we apply justice to ourselves? How much guilt can one woman hold in secret? Read more...

The Thirteenth Cone

© Máighréad Medbh

Fantasy, for adults and older teenagers

Eleven-year-old Dinn is a ‘stranger’—untouchable, deficient. She lives apart from her family in a hut because, unlike them, she changes and grows. Normal Petrians are only aware of one day, or ‘waking’. They never change, and despise even the hint of anything new. But underneath the apparent social uniformity there’s subversion and intrigue. Unknown to her, Dinn is being watched, and her life changes when she discovers the depth of Petrian deception. The question then is whether she can regain what she has lost. Read more...